Mission Partners

To act as an active bridge between the congregation and our mission partners by developing and implementing creative ways for the Open Door to financially, physically, emotionally, and prayerfully unite with our mission partners.


Increase communication with the mission partners: consistent monthly communication with each partner by at least one member of the mission team, with the ultimate goal of intimately knowing our partners mission, needs, and desires.

Increase communication with the congregation: consistently relay communication to congregation (website, Facebook, announcements, prayer stations).

Facilitate service opportunities: periodic service opportunities will be made available to the Open Door congregation – opportunities will be designed to meet the needs of our congregation while utilizing the unique gifts present within our congregation including construction, gardening, mural painting, and much more.

Get EVERYONE involved: In accordance with Open Door’s place as a Missional Church the mission team aim to get the whole church involved in missional work.

Global Mission Partners

Lion of Judah

Arturo Valasco and Lion of Judah Church are continuing their work in Ahuatitla and the surrounding villages.  Three years in a row Open Door has joined Lion of Judah on a mission trip to Ahuatitla.  This year Lion of Judah went alone.  The doctor from  each of the three years, Luis Hurtado, has begun full-time mission work in a similar rural village in Mexico.  The network of missionaries, pastors, and faithful followers of Jesus who have met in Mexico goes on and on.  Our partnership with Arturo and Lion of Judah Church keeps us connected with our many friends in Mexico.

Contact: John Creasy

Dr. Luis & Karla Hurtado

Luis and Karla work with the Pame people in the mountains of San Luis Potosí, Mexico. Luis provides medical care while working in a clinic they helped build in one of their villages. Luis and Karla evangelize the non Christian clients at the clinic and also provide leadership in the growing church that’s been planted among the Pame people.

Contact: Teresa Yoder

Jessica Gormley de Pérez and Emanuel Pérez de la Roca

http://www.cten.org/jessicagormleydeperez/ & http://www.aselsi.org/

Jessica and Emanuel serve in Chichicastenango, Guatemala at ASELSI (Association Equipping the Saints International) Ministries.  After working for three years at Pittsburgh Urban Christian School, Jess moved to Guatemala in 2007 to teach missionary kids.  Eman has been working at ASELSI since 2004.  They got married in August of 2009.  Jessica now serves at ASELSI teaching women how to read, and tutoring special needs children.  Emanuel teaches at ASELSI’s Bible Seminary and also works as an administrator at ASELSI.

Contact: Nick List

World Mission Initiative

World Mission Initiative (WMI) is a fellowship of Presbyterians dedicated to developing mission vision, nurturing missionary vocations, and cultivating missional congregations.  WMI exists to help Christians understand how God is at work in the world and how they can share in that work.

Contact: Don Barnes


Just Coffee

Café Justo is a coffee grower cooperative based in Salvador Urbina, Chiapas, Mexico. We market a pure, organic cofee which is grown, harvested and marketed in the spirit of justice. Our goal is to provide incentives for people to remain on their family lands.

Contact: Nick Burdette

Local Mission Partners

Open Hand Ministries

Contact Director: Michael Stanton (412-400-7253)

The mission of Open Hand is to respond to the injustice and inequality common to inner city neighborhoods by providing low/moderate income, disadvantaged families the opportunity for affordable home-ownership in the economically challenged Pittsburgh neighborhoods of Garfield and East Liberty. Mail for Open Hand can be sent to Valley View Presbyterian Church at 601 N. Aiken Ave. Pittsburgh, PA 15206.

Contact: Vitali Dorosh


(Contact PULSE)

PULSE, the Pittsburgh Urban Leadership Service Experience, was founded in 1994 by John Stahl-Wert. Since then, PULSE has brought more than 90 college graduates to the Steel City, pairing them with responsible positions at community-building organizations ranging from hospitals to local radio stations and food banks. About a third of PULSE alumni are still living in Pittsburgh, making important contributions to their adopted city.

Contact:  Teresa Yoder

Lampost Farm

Lamppost Farm….Where Culture and Agriculture Meet.  Named after the lamppost in the Chronicles of Narnia, Lamppost Farm is an entry-point into a new world where adventures unfold beyond the bounds of imagination, animals “talk”, winter warms into spring, and character forms in relationship to the Great Lion.  Lamppost Farm exists to provide meaningful learning opportunities by engaging in purposeful and productive work, contagious relationships, and the celebration of “good ordinary food”.  Our goal is to use agriculture and its fruit to build individuals and groups in deeper relationship with themselves, one another, God, and God’s creation.  Whether raising and processing chickens; growing, making and canning fresh salsa; milking the cow; or turning logs into lumber then into beautiful furniture; experiences at Lamppost Farm enable guests the chance to see with their eyes, hear with their ears, explore with their hands, and understand with their heart. Ultimately, these encounters are to promote healing, hope-building, and a sense of home in the people of God.

Contact: Brian Yoder

Ambassadors PGH —Matt and Melia Major

Our mission is to communicate the good news of Jesus to all people through football.

Our values are

Football: We participate in football at all levels with passion, excellence and respect.

Church: We uphold the long-term, transformative role of the Church in the world.

Team: We identify and collaborate with others in the pursuit of shared goals.

Service: We follow the example of Jesus by leading through service and prioritizing the marginalized.

For registration information, http://pgh.ambassadorsfootball.org/ 

Contact:  Stephanie and Kevin Bell

Coalition for Christian Outreach – Lee Scott

In December 2011, Lee Scott came on board as our first-ever Director of Staff Services. This position was created to enhance collaboration, advocacy, and communication for the CCO’s ministry on campus, as well as relationships between CCO leadership, support staff, campus staff and ministry partners.

“This position gives me the duty and blessing of serving others,” says Lee. “The challenges and potential of this position are exciting and offer a unique opportunity well-suited to my vocational calling, education, and experience.”  – Lee Scott

Contact: Ben Collier