Sunday Worship

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Our Sunday morning worship gathering is at 10:10am to 11:45am at 113 N. Pacific Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15224 in Garfield. We are seeking to be a people who do not go to church but are being the church everyday. As a community we are seeking to engage the Creator God and our culture in ways that are meaningful and reverent.

Directions to our Sunday Worship Service

Children and Young Adults

Children and Young Adults

We spend much of our lives isolated and segregated from people who are either older or younger than ourselves. Therefore our desire is to create a place where people of all ages are invited to share in the full life of the Open Door. This includes infants, toddlers, and adolescents.

Garfield Community Farm

Garfield Community Farm

We seek to learn, teach and practice organic gardening and farming in the places that have been neglected and abandoned in and with the neighborhood of Garfield. Garfield Community Farm exists to serve the neighborhood with fresh, organic produce and to create an ecologically healthy urban farm.

Directions to the Garfield Community Farm


Merry Christmas Music from the Open Door Pastor John Creasy and Alyssa Creasy

John and Alyssa Creasy released three Christmas songs, free to play or purchase to download

“We desire our lives, neighborhoods, and culture to be altered and healed by the work of God in our midst.”

Our Sunday Worship Service is Located near the Children’s Hospital at the Intersection of the Bloomfield and Garfield Neighborhoods in Pittsburgh