Ministry Partners

To act as an active bridge between the congregation and our mission partners by developing and implementing creative ways for the Open Door to financially, physically, emotionally, and prayerfully unite with our mission partners.


  1. Increase communication with the mission partners: consistent monthly communication with each partner by at least one member of the mission team, with the ultimate goal of intimately knowing our partners mission, needs, and desires.
  2. Increase communication with the congregation: consistently relay communication to congregation (website, Facebook, announcements, prayer stations).
  3. Facilitate service opportunities: periodic service opportunities will be made available to the Open Door congregation – opportunities will be designed to meet the needs of our congregation while utilizing the unique gifts present within our congregation including construction, gardening, mural painting, and much more.
  4. Get EVERYONE involved: In accordance with Open Door’s place as a Missional Church the mission team aim to get the whole church involved in missional work.