Get Involved

The Open Door is a community. It is not a building, a program, or even an organization. We are many individuals, but form one body and are rediscovering the nature of church as this body of faith (Romans 12:4-5).  There are many ways to discover and find your role in this community.

In the life of the Open Door, there are a few core ways to connect and grow as we strive to follow a Biblical, missional lifestyle. These are worship gatherings, small groups, and DNA groups.

Each is essential for connecting with others and for spiritual growth, with the worship gatherings as a place for worshiping God and connecting with the community as a whole, the small group gatherings as a time for living missionally and cultivating relationships, and the DNA groups for deeper connection and openness with two others. We believe that through these interactions and on this faithful journey, we will together grow to become more like Christ.