We recognize God as Creator, Savior and Sustainer. We value God’s purposes, plans and perspectives first and foremost. Our highest priority is to give honor and glory to God in all we do. We are compelled to pray, worship and pursue God in our daily lives and as a church community.


We embrace change in our lives and strive to follow God as we continue on the journey to which He has called us. We desire our lives, neighborhoods and culture to be altered and healed by the work of God in our midst.



Hospitality, dialogue, collaboration and partnership are at the heart of establishing deep relationships among people, organizations and God. This will require giving and sacrifice, as we follow the model of Jesus, who in true friendship laid down his life.


We deeply desire community that reflects genuineness, honesty, openness and vulnerability with each other and with God. By modeling risk-taking in our relationships, we expect to experience God’s grace.


We strive to surrender and be guided by the Holy Spirit’s leading; nurtured through listening, hearing, and acting. The Holy Spirit’s guidance will engender an organic and risky faithfulness in both our individual and communal lives.


We honor the historic Judeo-Christian Church and have a desire to root our vision and beliefs in scripture and the creeds of the Church. We seek to cultivate a deep and intimate relationship with God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit in all we do.


Spiritual growth and character are often the result of toil and difficulty. As brothers and sisters in Christ, we are vested with the task of carrying each other’s burden. Only by being honest about our condition — our weaknesses, difficulties, and deepest hurts — can we find hope and healing.


We value creativity because we believe that God is creative and that being made in His likeness means we are creative beings as well. We celebrate the goodness and beauty of God’s creation and desire to express our imagination in ways that inspire and that reflect His beauty.